Sunday, August 12, 2018

Creating Beautiful Travel Photography

Nowadays, taking photo is the most popular activities doing (almost) by everybody. Especially when travelling, people taking photo of the objects they've seen, people they've met, or just taking selfie for keeping personal memories of the journey. Since everybody wants to keep good memories, how can we create beautiful travel photos?

First of all, travel photography is all about moments. Making a beautiful travel photos mean catching the right moments, i.e. right person, right time, right situation, or combination of them.

But how do you know when you meet the right moments? It depends on your judgement.

To find the right moments, you have to wait patiently and be considerate. Pick point of interest, and wait for the right person, right time, or right situation to come.

Practice make perfect, so taking more photos means practicing your judgement to find the right moments.

Mastering basic photography technique is also important: composition, lighting, exposure.

Composition is the most important, since this is the one that (almost) cannot be manipulated by software. You should master photo composition by practice, practice and practice.

Try to take photo of one object/spot from many angles or point of view, to get the sense of composition.

Never worry about the camera, because travel photography is never about the camera. Whether you use pocket camera, smartphone camera, or sophisticated DSLR camera, all of that can make a good travel photos.

But whatever camera you use, you have to know how to use it very well. Better understand all camera features, so you can maximize it to get the excellent travel photos.

Making travel photography is a fun things to do. But please remember that there are some objects or moments you should avoid. For example, don’t take photo if it disturbing someone’s privacy. Or if you find interesting objects but it related to military or politics, please ask permission before taking photo.

Last but not least, don’t take photo if it threaten your or your object’s safety (i.e. taking photo in the edge of a cliff). Travel photography is fun, of course, but safety also important.

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