Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bali, unforgetable getaway

Early of June, I made a trip to Bali (this is my 9th trip to Bali!). Since I had to stay there on weekend (before my program started on the next Monday), then I arranged trip to some tourism and historical object (later, my plan was interrupted by the car rental owner! Anyway, I still have lots of fun...).

One of the interesting place is Bedugul, a cool and peaceful place. You can find a Hindu temple on Bratan lake (like a floating temple), and also a Budhist stupa (I think the place is suitable for meditation, it is cool, calm, with beautiful scenery). See the photo, you can see the Ulun Danu temple on the background.

My trip ended at Dreamland, a "virgin" beach (but not so virgin after all... many tourists, still), where I watched sunset. The sunset scenery looks very awesomeeee... Just a perfect place to forget all your troubles (for a while, before returning to reality, hehehe...).